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A Home Remedy for Constipation Treatment

In this article we will provide you with a number of home remedy treatments for dealing with constipation but firstly let’s look at just what constipation is.

Constipation is a condition where the bowels openly occasionally or incompletely. Often people suffering from constipation will pass infrequent, hard dry stools and the main symptom is that they have a desire to void the stools but cannot do so. This is an extremely irritating condition but can be easy to deal with if treated in the right way.

Constipation is one of the most common complaints that people suffer from and large number of these sufferers depend on laxatives and even purgatives to help clear their bowels and so ease the problem. You will soon discover that the sales of remedies for reliving constipation are the biggest item in any chemists or drug store.

When looking to treat constipation using home remedies you should start in your kitchen and not the bathroom. Eat wheat flour which have not been sieved (umilled or unpolished rice is also good).

Food that you eat should contain 2 parts fruit and vegetables along with 1 part cereals which have then been soaked in warm (not boiling milk). This not only provides you with the roughage you need, but also helps the atonic muscles void any waste matter.

If you happen to be someone who suffers from chronic constipation then it is important that you have more cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and cabbage in your diet. You should be having a daily intake of about 250 grammes or more of these items and eat them in the same way you would eat a salad. If you like add a pinch of salt and the juice of a lemon to make them taste better.

Also include fruit in your diet and eat reasonable amounts of them. If you can include fruit as part of your morning and evening meals and the best types of fruit to eat are those that are in season and which are available to you within hours of them being picked.

Some people suffer from constipation because they are not consuming enough water or liquid. A person should consume between 3-4 litres of water during summer months and 1-2 litres in the winter months. Just having a glass of water when you wake up in the morning can help many people suffering from constipation.

Another reason why someone is suffering from constipation is because their large intestinal muscles have lost their tone or strength and the best way to help cure this problem is by walking in the morning or evening or even going for a jog.

Also another way which you can help with constipation relating to the intestines is by taking a rough towel folding it so that it can absorb water, then place it on your lower abdomen after it has been immersed in cold water. Keep the towel on your abdomen for about 15 minutes. This should be done before you go for a walk. By cooling and then warming your abdomen you are helping the large intestine to regain its tone and so helping it to be able to remove any unwanted waste (stools).

Hopefully the home remedy treatments provided above will help those who suffer from constipation and are looking for alternative natural ways of treating the problem.

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