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Ways To Treat Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation is a problem that some people will face from the moment they wake until the moment they go back to bed. For these people even get a good night’s sleep is a problem. But by changing the lifestyle that they lead and also their food habits this problem should hopefully help to reverse the situation.

The best solution for dealing with chronic constipation is to drink lots of water. The water helps to keep your body hydrated and this will help to make any stool movements easier.

Chronic constipation is often caused because you do not have enough water in your body and to compensate for this your body will draw water from the colon region where fecal matter is produced and as a result stools become harder and you find your self facing the problems associated with constipation.

But you do not need to just drink water you can also have fruit juices such as watermelon, lemon and orange are particularly good as well as acting as an antioxidant for a persons body. If you can put aside some time in the evening to have more fruit and juice and this will help as you are eating more fibers and fluid and you will find that your bowel movements are a lot easier the next morning. If you want why not continue eating fruit and drink juice as part of your diet throughout the day.

You like bread but it only helps to slow down the process of assimilation, absorption and elimination of fecal matter from the colon area and this will only help to increase chronic constipation problems.

But you don’t have to give up bread entirely what you need to do is modify what else you have with it. Eat lots of vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin, carrots, beets etc., as they contain high amounts of fiber that will help to stop chronic constipation from occurring.

Unfortunately there is a misconception that protein is difficult to digest and because of this the problem of constipation has become closely related to protein digestion. There is no need to remove protein completely from your diet instead eat animal protein by including fibrous vegetables with it. So when you next have turkey or beef include with it a green salad made up of carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spinach and lettuce.

If you follow these remedies above for a month you will soon start to feel a change from within and thus no more worrying about chronic constipation in the future.

Eat Raw - Did you know that eating raw foods can help with constipation? Raw fruits and veggies have tons of fiber to help add bulk.

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