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Colon Healthy Recipes Or Foods That Are Healthy For Your Colon

Having a healthy colon is the key to long term health. The colon, or large intestine, is where the product of digestion leaves the body. Because of poor eating habits, most people suffer from a clogged or unhealthy colon and using colon healthy recipes in your meal plans can help prevent this. What happens is that food stuffs become trapped in the colon lining and begin to putrefy and rot over time. They can also calcify and become hardened, staying in the colon for weeks, months and even years.

The kind of food and the amount of food eaten are huge concerns when considering the health of the colon. One can argue the validity of a vegan or vegetarian diet but no one can deny the potential benefits of such a diet and how it affects the cleanliness of the colon.

Any kind of animal based food is harder to digest when compared with plant based foods. Therefore, when considering what kind of colon healthy recipes to make for eating, keep this in mind. Thinking vegan or vegetarian, at least for a little while, can lead to incredible benefits on overall health.

So start off with fruits and vegetables. These foods are very colon friendly and can be processed very easily by your body’s digestive system. Fruits and vegetables are filled with a numerous amount of vitamins and other nutrients that lead to good health. They also have an abundance of fiber. Fiber is an intestinal bulking agent and helps to pass food that has not been eliminated by the large intestine.

So for a simple breakfast try a fruit salad or a bagel with peanut or almond butter. Fruit juice is also very good to eat first thing in the morning as well as drinking a lot of water due to being able to begin the cleansing process. A fresh fruit smoothie is a great way to start off the day.

For lunch, try a vegetable salad. Choose a good quality lettuce such as romaine or even spinach for the main bulk of the salad and then as many different types of vegetables as desired. Kale, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower are all great additions to any salad. Also artichokes, olives or any kind of green vegetable will do the body good. Try using olive oil or some type of vinegar as the salad dressing. Avoid using the prepackaged alternatives as these have harmful chemicals and a lot of calories.

Snacks can consist of almonds, raw and unsalted and also another fruit smoothie. You can also cut up some celery to have with a nut spread like peanut butter or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just avoid processed foods and meat for a few days and reap the rewards.

For dinner, have some fresh fish if you need more protein and another salad or juice smoothie. You can also have a mixed vegetable plate with zucchini, broccoli, carrots or even some corn on the cob. Corn is a grain and is great for the colon as in cooked rice or potatoes, preferably boiled.

Incorporating colon healthy recipes and meals into your daily eating will have positive effects on many aspects of your life!


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